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Heat Pipe

Heat Pipe
 It was fabricated by General Motors in USA in 1942
for heatradiation of spaceship and it was
commercialized since 1963.

 The inner surface of the tube is lined with a porous
material that is filled with a vaporizable liquid. When
heat is applied to the outer area of the tube, the liquid
inside the tube boils and vaporizes into a gas that
moves through the tube seeking a cooler location
where it condenses.When the liquid circulating inside
sealed area performs phase conversion between liquid
and vapor continuously, it has high heat efficiency using
latent heat. Using the characteristics of high conductivity
which is hundreds times greater than the conductivity of
copper,it is applied in various fields such as electronic
parts,equipment cooling,air conditioning system and solar

 Materials of main body are copper, stainless steel,
ceramics and tungsten, and porous fiber is used for
inside wall,Ethanol,aceton,water and mercury are used
for inside volatile materials.
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