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Solar Collectors

Solar Collectors
 Evacuated Glass Tube Solar Collector was produced by technical cooperation with Europe(Germany) and it is suitable for high temperature collection type due to its high efficiency.

 Single Evacuated Glass Tube maintains vacuum condition of glass tube as 10−³Pa,and it has more efficiency and better quality than any other single evacuated glass tubes since it was produced through additional bonding process of glass tubes to make vacuum life semi-permanent.

 Absorption plate of solar collector was selectively coated with copper titanium to convert 95% of absorbing solar energy to the heat and to have high heat efficiency.

 It guarantees the best heat insulation by vacuum condition of glass tube and it works better than any other solar collector in winter since it operates normally at - 30°C

 It guamtees the best operation and coziness since it is semi-permanent and provides high temperature water. When single evacuated tube is damaged, it can ve replaced individually for easy maintenance.
Solar Collectors Solar Collectors
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