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Solar Heat Collectors

Solar Heat Collectors
 It has same features as CVT-100 which is heat pipe type single evacuated tube, and it conveys more heats quickly by widening contact area of condenser and manifold which are the core of single evacuated glass tube.

 It was designed to operate at high pressure of 10kg/cm2.

  You don't need additional care since it was designed as a system processing extra heat produced in summer which is disadvantage of heat pipe type solar collector.

 It can be installed regardless of inclined angle for product installation (0~90°).

 It is a solar hot water system which produces hot water for every home using solar collector which is installed in balcony.

 Solar hot water system is a system which utilizes collected heat energy at required time and space by the heat storage of radiated solar heat energy in heat storage tank.
Solar Heat Collectors Solar Heat Collectors
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